Here we will try to gather relevant articles (popular as well as scientific) relating very specifically to the following :

1) Establishing Marpa in his proper place within the Kagyu Lineage, thus using the force of history. 

2) as well as revitalizing the transmissions passed from Marpa to his pupil Ngog Chöku Dorje, especially with focus on 2 of the Ngok mandalas: the Hevajra (9 deity) and Nairatmya (15 deity).




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Ames, Spencer (2019): About Hevajra in Cambodia

Djung, Carl (2018): The resurfacing of long lost texts – about the Marpa-Ngok initiative by HH Drikung Kyabgön trinle Lhundrub.

Glück, Elvira (2018): About the Phyang Gompo in Ladakh, The Hevajra Tempel and the annual Hevajra Drubchöd.