Contact was launched by Carl 鍾 Djung and Jette Aarestrup Mortensen the 12th of July 2017 at the wish of H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Thrinley Lhundrub, in connection with the official announcement given at fullmoon, 9th of July 2017, where His Holiness appointed the Milarepa Retreat Zentrum, Germany as the site, where there will be annual drubchös [sometimes drubchen] on either Hevajra or Nairatmya.

Since then, the website is administered by Carl and Jette, together with a group of practioners from Drikung Kagyu and Karma Kagyu under the guidance and blessing of H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Thrinley Lhundrub. In November 2017 a group of 3 people were appointed to form a working-comittee, and it is H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Thrinley Lhundrups wish, that the site is regurlarly updated with news etc.

Also from the launching of the website, it has been envisioned to have the website on several languages. By the blessing of His Holiness, from november 2017 to february 2018 the first steps were taken to have in 7 languages: english, chinese, tibetan, vietnamese, russian, spanish, and german.

See official reference from DRIKUNG.ORG: „The Naropa tradition of the Hevajra was Marpa Lotsa main Yidam and Marpa Kagyu’s main practice lineage. H.H. wants to revive Marpas important lineage as it is endangered and on the brink of extinction. In order to implement to this important teaching we setup a Mar-Ngok website. This website was authorised by Carl Djung and Jette Aarestrup Mortensen. For more details:

This site is not a scolarly or 100 % professional perfect site, but a site aimed to give information and inspiration. The precision and accuracy of the site is limited by our abilities, time and ressources, but are giving to the best of our abilities at that present time. The sites pages will be updated and changed as things develop. May it be of benefit. Sarwa Mangalam.

We have a scolar connected to the website to ensure a certain and necassary standard, but that person is not always available, and therefor does not have any responsibility for any errors

The people that administer this page are mostly volunteers, but we are seeking to have some of the work sponsored. We are only online in connection with this website in shorter periods or rarely. Therefore the range of emails that wil be answered are few, and the range of topics that are adressed are limited, and specifically connected to the purpose of this website. We thank you for your understanding in advance.

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P.S. This website is focused on a very narrow field of specific practises among the vast richness of the Vajrayana and Buddhist Tantra. Totally aware of that, and aware that all what is mentioned here on this website is indepted to and rests on the FOUNDATION of the DHARMA from LORD BUDDHA SAKYAMUNI, the holy one from the Sakya-klan. Everything on this website rests on the Buddha Dharma in its whole, with the three Yanas: Hinayana/Theravadin, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Also we are aware of the manifolded Dharma-activity in all the various traditions of the Buddha-Dharma situated and having its on-set in different traditions, different practises within the Buddhist richness, and having a modern or a traditionalist approach. IN ALL THIS WE REJOICE, AND FEEL THANKFULLNES.

P.P.S. This website also likes to remind ourselfs about treating all representations of the Buddha Dharma and of Bodhisattva activity with respect and awareness. Therefor we have an awareness about treating all print-outs of this website, and Dharma Teachings generally with respect, and seeing to that pages, that are to be disposed of, are best done so by fire.

P.P.P.S. And as something very important, we at this web-site are moved by and inspired by, that these practises are still connected to an both ANCIENT and also LIVING TRADITION of TRANSMISSION, meaning, that the understanding and benefit/realisation of the practises only comes by meditation (training) and daily life awareness (more training), and not just through mere logic and study or just „one-time-reading“ and quick „Aha-experiences“ and „momentary“ „deep insights.

From this also follows, that the doing of the practises mentioned here in this web-site-univers, and even the study of the texts, actually need three prerequisites and an additional essential pre-requisite.

The three often mentioned prerequisites are: Wang (empowerment), Lung (reading/permission), Tri (explanation). And the essential prerequisite is ofcourse, a qualified Vajramaster/Lama/Guru/Spiritual Guide, and also connected to that, and in that blessing, some Vajra brothers and sisters, who one can share knowlegde (not experience) with concerning the „how to do“ the practises, the rituals and meditations.

SARWA MANGALA * May the Joy be for all    ***    Geo Geo Geo * May it bring benefit​