Texts by Karmapas of the Karma Kagyu since 1100


The 25th of August 2017, the translation project „Translating the Karmapa’s works“ was announced at Karma Guen, Spain, in the blessing field of HH Karmapa Thaye Dorje, Nedo Rinpoche and Lama Ole Nydahl, as well as the founder of Karma Guen Pedro Gomez. The group of translators and volunteers behind this project has already shared a lot of ressources. THANK YOU!

And it is through the list of the 1369 texts (https://www.translating-karmapas.org/all-works/ ), that they presently and physically have in their custody, that it is possible to see, that THREE of THE KARMAPAS have expressed special interest in the two aspects of Mar-Ngok tradition, namely Hevajra (9 deity practise) and Nairatmya (15 deity practise): the 1st, the 3rd and the 6th Karmapa.

As of 25th of August there is 15 texts on Hevajra and 2 on Nairatmya.

Also it is interesting (see the Schemata over differences), that the 1st and the 3rd Karmapa uses the typical Karma Kagyu way of writing Hevajras name: „dgyes pa rdo rje“, where as the 6th Karmapa seems to use the Mar-Ngok way of adressing Hevajra, namely „dpal kyai rdo rje“ (or „dpal kyei rdo rje“).

It is also worth mentioning, that the texts do not all deal with the two practises emphasized here, namely the Hevajra (9 deity practise) and the Nairatmya (15 deity), but there are texts about 2-armed Hevajra (Hevajra Sahaja), and there are also 5 deity practises (Five-form Hevajra) etc.

It is also worth mentioning, that besides the Karmapas, which the current initiative at the Karma Kagyu center in Spain is centered around, that the 4th Shamar Rinpoche (1453-1524) was a great authority on Hevajra and Nairatmya. The 4th Shamar Rinpoche is part of the Mar-Ngok Yab-ka transmission lineage. He is the 21st lineageholder. The 4th Sharmapa wrote many commentaries on the two practises as well as on the Tantra.


Excerpts from: https://www.translating-karmapas.org/all-works/

1st Karmapa1Hevajra Sahaja Visualisation Guidedgyes rdor lhan skyes kyi mngon rtogsHevajra Sahaja Visualisation Guide
1st Karmapa1Five-form Hevajra Ganachakradgyes rdor lha lnga’i tshogs mchodFive-form Hevajra ritual feast
1st Karmapa1Practical Instructions on Bestowing Empowerments of Hevajra Samadhidgyes rdor gyi ting nge ‚dzin gyi dbang bskur ba’i lag lenPractical advice for the Hevajra Samadhi empowerment.
3rd Karmapa7Summarised Meaning of the Two Segments of the Hevajramulatantradgyes pa rdo rje’i rtsa rgyud brtag pa gnyis pa’i bsdus don 
3rd Karmapa7Commentary on the Glorious Hevajratantra – the Text Called „The Stainless Light“dpal dgyes pa rdo rje’i ‚grel pa dri ma med pa’i ‚od ces bya ba

3rd Karmapa10Hevajra Visualisation Guide in Versesdgyes pa rdo rje’i mngon rtogs tshigs bcad ma 
3rd Karmapa10Nine Deities of Hevajra Visualisation Guide in Prosedgyes pa rdo rje’i lha dgu’i mngon rtogs tshig lhug ma 
3rd Karmapa10The Body Mandala of Hevajradgyes pa rdo rje’i lus dkyil 
3rd Karmapa10Concise Text on the Hundred Syllables and Ten Wrathful Onesyig brgya khro bcu bsdus paShort teaching connected with the Hevajra tantra.
3rd Karmapa10Arrangement of Offerings for Hevajradgyes pa rdo rje’i mchod khrigs 
3rd Karmapa10Empowerment Ritual of Hevajradgyes pa rdo rje’i dbang chog 
3rd Karmapa10Building-up and Completion (Phases) of Nairatmyabdag med ma’i bskyed rdzogs
6th Karmapa4Notes on the Ritual of Glorious Hevajra – Entering the Realms by Seeingdpal kyai rdo rje’i cho ga’i zin bris mthong ba khongs chud 
6th Karmapa4Stages of Practice on Bhagavati Vajra Nairatmya – Dispelling Darkness, the Ultimate Ornament Illuminating the Meaning of the Essence, Accomplishing the Lake of Joyous Nectarbcom ldan ‚das dpal rdo rje bdag med ma’i sgrub thabs kyi rim pa rmongs pa’i mun sel snying po’i don gsal bdud rtsi’i rol mtsho grub pa’i mchog rgyan

Note: These excerpts from „Translating the Karmapas Works“-list was taken the 25th of August 2017. There may be made changes on the original list since then.

Publized 25th of August 2017: Compiled and edited by Carl Djung (Karma Könchog Dorje).