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May, 15th, 2018: share the presence of the website on facebook with facebook icon to the left was launched in the blessing of the fullmoon day 9th of July 2017 (Tibetan Calender: 15th day, 5th month) by the wish of H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Thrinley Lhundrup.

With the purpose of being a platform for ALL PRACTITIONERS from ALL BUDDHIST SCHOOLS having interest in the Kagyu transmissions from Marpa to Ngok and up till today. And especially with focus on 2 of 'the 7 Mandalas of Ngok': Hevajra 9 deity mandala and Nairatmya 15 deity mandala.

ANNOUNCING: HEVAJRA Drub-chö/Drub-chen

NOTICE NEW ** August, 18th - 25th 2018 **

Milarepa Retreat Zentrum, Germany


[Transcript of the speech of the video]

with interest in the Marpa Ngok Transmission of the Kagyu Lineage in general and specifically practises of Hevajra (9 deity) and Nairatmya (15 deity).

Here is an edited video from the announcement

by HH Drikung Kyabgön Thinley Lhundrub, July 9th 2017, at Milerapa Retreat Zentrum, Germany.

26th of February 2018: Official mentioning of the website and the idea and vision behind at

"The Naropa tradition of the Hevajra was Marpa Lotsa main Yidam and Marpa Kagyu's main practice lineage. H.H. wants to revive Marpas important lineage as it is endangered and on the brink of extinction. In order to implement to this important teaching we setup a Mar-Ngok website. This website was authorised by Carl Djung and Jette Aarestrup Mortensen. For more details:"

AWARENESS: This website is focused on a very narrow field of specific practices among the vast richness of the Vajrayana and Buddhist Tantra. Totally aware of that, and aware that all what is mentioned here on this website is indebted to and rests on the FOUNDATION of the DHARMA from LORD BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI, the holy one from the Shakya-klan. Everything on this website rests on the Buddha Dharma in its whole, with the three Yanas: Hinayana/Theravadin, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Also we are aware of the manifolded Dharma-activity in all the various traditions of the Buddha-Dharma situated and having its on-set in different traditions, different practises within the Buddhist richness, and having a modern or a traditionalist approach. IN ALL THIS WE REJOICE, AND FEEL THANKFULNES.

Succesive Annual Drub-Chöds: Nairatmya (May 2019) / Hevajra (Aug 2018, March 2020). Milarepa Retreat Center, Germany



7th of March 2018

Lineage prayer in english complete.

Since june 2016 identifying 39 lineage holders.

In the coming days for download PDF

26th of February 2018

Mentioning of the idea and vision

behind the website

at the offical

1st of February 2018

Start registration for August 2018 Hevajra Drubchöd 2018.  Only room for 300 people.  See

January 2018

Date for Nairatmya Drubchöd 2019 &

Hevajra Drubchöd 2020


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